Out with The Old, In with Mèsan

Out with The Old, In with Mèsan

I am not sure about you, but there is always that one garment that never gets worn. Whether we love it, hate it or it just doesn't match our style; we don't give it away or toss it. Sometimes its a gift that didn't quite do it or something special that belonged to a loved one or that random impulsive purchase (no judgement lol), regardless of how you acquired it, it just sits in the closet, untouched.


This is why upcycling is amazing! Your favorite blanket can be transformed into a jacket (see Otutu collection), that jacket from aunty so and so, can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind, head turner and those baggy pants that aren't trending anymore, can be transformed into a cute two piece. The possibilities are endless. 


Let us transform something into a Mèsan original.

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Customer Review:
"Thank you so much for this gem! When I saw and tried on this coat, I immediately thought of Mésan and your work. I didn’t want to toss the coat in the donation pile because I knew it had potential to be great. This coat went from frumpy to fabulous in a matter of days. You work promptly all while still focusing on the details. Shortening the jacket in length was a bomb idea. It’s a completely different look. The faux fur sleeves are super soft and satisfying to the touch. The sleeves also have the option to cuff. The hand stitched pockets were the icing on the cake!! I am absolutely in love with my coat! I feel like such a boss when I wear it." - LaShunda T.
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