M È S A N Partners with Rep the Future in Mask Production

    Across the United States, we are seeing alarming statistics about the disproportionate toll of COVID-19 on black and brown people. For example, In NYC, the New York Times reports, coronavirus is twice as deadly for these minorities in comparison to white counterparts. In both Chicago and Louisiana, black patients account for 70% of coronavirus deaths, even though they make up roughly a third of the population. With such disparities and constant reports of mask shortages, citizens are asked to step in to help.

Many businesses have joined the cause to either sell or donate masks to healthcare workers, first responders and other essential staff. However, the need for masks within Black and Brown communities is evident. Rep The Future has stepped up to not only raise money for mask production and guarantees that the masks are donated to communities that need it most. 

M È S A N has partnered to produce cotton masks, as recommended by the CDC, that will be donated to said communities.

To donate, please visit: actionnetwork.org/fundraising/money-for-masks

For updates on Rep The Future, please visit their Instagram page @repthefuture or send an email to info@repthefuture.com

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