'Upcyle with Me'

'Upcyle with Me'

    On Apr 22nd, 2020 at 6pm on Instagram live, we hosted our very first event. People joined us to celebrate the launch by participating in up-cycling. Participants were able to create cute tops and masks from old t-shirts and fabrics in the house. We plan on making 'Upcycle with Me' a series where people of all ages can join the fun and creativity of turning something old into a more valuable and useful item.

   We are grateful to have hosted attendees that included fashion enthusiasts and novice sewers alike. Along with Rachel of 'Different Shades of Brown' podcast, Nicole Williams of @thewellmommy, Tish Torres of @projectfruition and many others. Check out a summary of the one hour event below and let us know if you will attend the next one!


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